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Make Poverty History

What to know something interesting?  There are people in Canada that go hungry every day.  Go see how you can help.  We send a free white band out with every order from our online store!

Influences: These are a few of our favorite bands and some of the people we’ve played with. Have a look… you may find some great new music or art or even better… you may find a clip of the video we shot when Rob wrestled that huge bear! Denis’ biggest musical hero. Besides that guy who plays the spoons with his lips that is. Rob’s favorite band of all time… not counting ABBA. Some of the most beautiful music we’ve ever heard. We guess we better add Dave. But we still think we got him beat in a game of scrabble even if he doesn’t answer the challenge. Some fantastic Didgeridoo music. Some great guys as well.

Tribe2 Some more excellent Didgeridoo music featuring none other than Jono himself! We’ve also been told that Jono is hot.

MORE thebetween? All we can say to that is OH YA. A few free downloads, lot’s of listening and you get to rate our music and help promote your favorite band that only has two people that both have red hair! NOTE: This link has a free b-side song that hit the cutting room floor from our latest album.

CD Baby A great place to find great music, including theBetween’s. For you diehards that really really want the “Live in Kingston” CD… there are a few copies there! Search for theBetween here for another site that features you know who.  Denis paints a bit and has even sold his paintings to such well known people as Batman, Catwoman, and even Lex Luther!