theBetween: Band Profile

theBetween: the concept that we in life, meaning everyone, have one and only one thing in common. We are all born and we all die. Everything in the middle is life, and that is what we are all exposed to… no one can avoid it. The one thing all of mankind can relate to together, the only thing that everyone has in common is that we are all here… living life.

theBetween know this to be true; life is wonderful, hard, scary, breathtaking, overwhelming and absolutely amazing. We can all identify with life. What better inspiration to draw upon.

Troubadours, theBetween are poets, musical artists, and songwriters with a purpose. The group is made up of two people, Rob Carter and Denis Gauthier. Both on acoustic guitars, both singing, strumming, bobbing to the syncopated rhythm, the life of the song, the moment at hand gets all of their energy until it ends and a new song is taken up. “It’s just how we do things… we tend to focus pretty hard on one thing at a time (laughs) I guess it translates into energy on stage” says Denis. And that is how two people can be so extraordinarily entertaining; add in the fact that their sincerity and openness in the spotlight speaks directly to the audience. The live show is engaging and sincere, wrought with banter, moments of humor and a positive outlook on life. As far as trying to relate to the audience Rob says, “If we can write music that we can relate to, than we have a better chance of actually touching other people with it”. And that is the goal. To touch people… give them a common theme to ponder, encourage unity and love for one’s fellow man.

theBetween began in late 2002 when Rob booked a show to play in Sudbury Ontario and asked Denis to come along and join him. “We only had about 9 songs that we could play together… fortunately they only wanted one set!” says Rob. This was a great excuse to polish up some songs and book a few more shows. “…This first show went surprisingly well and Denis and I had been talking about playing acoustic shows together for a few years at that point, so we just jumped in with both feet and began playing more and more… and more.”

In December 2002 theBetween went to the studio to record their first CD, appropriately titled live studio 12/12/02. A quick recording, and recorded only months after the forming of theBetween it represented a raw live feel that Rob and Denis would try to emphasize at live shows. The CD gained popular reviews and the kind of momentum that pushed theBetween into full-time musician status. Shortly after their first studio production would follow… So I May Have Changed was created and available at live shows. Many fan reviews said that this disc had become one of their favorite CD’s and was in regular rotation with many other great artists.

Many, many shows over the years of working together slowly polished and refined theBetween into a great live musical experience. Even with the success of their albums theBetween’s live shows were where they excelled and felt most at home. With their independent and hard work ethic they played to crowds all over Ontario to all ages, and have been purposefully improving themselves as entertainers and songwriters.

Success after success, step after step theBetween have been forming a devoted fan base and writing songs that cater to the needs of humanity. Not just another folk group singing about “life” theBetween are a voice for social conscience among Christians, partnering with “Make Poverty History” to get the word out about Canadian poverty amongst children. They are a voice for social reason and believe that individuals can make a difference...